My photographs are quiet visual moments of pause that value the corporeal and visceral nature of our existence. They not only seek the viewer’s gaze through their formal beauty, but the viewer’s acceptance as well. The photographs come from a desire to admit to everything that makes us human, especially since contemporary society appears to ignore that reality by finding every means of preservation possible.

As we continue to progress technologically as a species, we associate ourselves more and more with digitalization and virtual space, and less and less with nature and our biological essence. The history of anatomical study and its desire to truly know us through the depths of flesh and viscera-be it our own bodies or that of other earthly creatures, has fundamentally transformed our modern idea of self. Yet, in contemporary society, we are repulsed or offended when the abject interior and the dead reveal themselves in our daily lives. With technology’s potential to subdue our biological state, may we pause quietly to appreciate the significance and beauty of corporeality.

I’ve been trying to think of work that my new pictures identify with, and I’m really happy I came across this artist because I think I am doing something similar. I like her statement a lot.

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