This artist is one of the presenters at the upcoming SPE Southwest Regional Conference that I’m flying back to Colorado for next month.

My first reaction to this work is that I am shocked by how much of this kind of photography I come across!  More specifically, series like these with titles that are plays on words and concepts like artificial, natural, “unnatural history,” “natural history,” “natural selection,” etc. (I am guilty myself–Realistic Nature).  As stated a few posts ago, because issues of nature and animals are what interest me most in photography, I actively seek out this kind of work and therefore see a lot of it (check out the “museum,” “display,” and “artificial” tags on this blog).

On another note, the statement for these two bodies of work sounds a lot like my own!  Further proof that many of us are thinking about and doing things very similar?  Anyway, I’m excited to find another member of the “the way humans interact with and experience nature” clan.

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Found via: SPE