This frog image is the first I saw from this series and I was immediately taken with it.  I love the lighting and color palette and filmy richness in these pictures, the concept of suspension of both time and the physical, the use of beautiful filters handmade by the artist (filters that need to be illuminated or activated by the sun, and that relationship with the sun and the earth and nature itself).

From the artist’s statement: “Purgatory Road” takes its title from an actual place where I live during the summer months, a wooded region in rural New York that is divided by an infamous dirt-covered path. Local legends surround this road where on one side, commonly known as “Devil’s Pit,” the land falls into a cavernous cliff that is ominous, damp, and bug infested. On the opposite side lies a peaceful verdant forest; because of its uncanny resemblance to a setting in a children’s story, residents call it “Fairyland.” The intersection of these two polarities conceptually sets the tone for a new series that uses this landscape as a backdrop to explore a metaphoric state of “in-between;” a place where the physical world is subjective, rational thought meets the unconscious, and man and nature commune in mysterious ways.  On a broader scope, these images are my meditation on the precarious condition of the environment as well as a reflection on our current cultural state of anxiety and anticipation.

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Found via: F-Stop Magazine