Russian-born Stanislav Ginzburg’s series Hemiptera focuses on the ways in which insect morphology resembles blossoming plants, as well as the relationship between humans and the natural world. The artist uses 3D computer-modeling technology to create stunningly beautiful sculptures and then incorporates them into photographs.

I really admire this way of working.  I feel like there are so many photographs I’ve wanted to make but I could never find the right “prop” or object to realize the concept.  I love making things with my hands, but since I love photography more, I tend to be the kind of image-maker to photograph what’s already in front of me or what I can compile.  Ginzburg’s sculptures are like specimens, but packed with meaning and emotion.  I appreciate these photographs so much knowing about the strong connection between the artist and what he created.  The union of man, technology, and nature in this series is wonderful.

From the artist’s statement: Ginzburg explores the universality of biological form by combining photographic plates and computer generated three-dimensional imagery to create ethereal sculptures. These works delicately interweave insect morphology that resembles blossoming flora with anatomical elements and bits of veiled autobiography. They remind the viewer of the cellular and the metaphysical connections between all living things.

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