The Poetic Cats is a project by Romanian artist Cristian Bassa.  It began as fun, making photographs of cats in the streets, but turned into something more serious as the number of photos (and cats) increased.  Over the past few years, exhibitions and prints of Cristian’s photos have become a way to raise money for various animal shelters.  While one goal of the project is to raise funds, Cristian also hopes the series will encourage people to volunteer “in all actions regarding animal protection and care alongside environmental protection and awareness.”  To become a supporter, be sure to visit the artist’s website.  Funds and donations go to helping animal shelters afford food, medication, construction materials, and the resources to get animals adopted.

From a statement on the artist’s website: The poetic cats are tender and sweet and watch the world with their mysterious eyes, keeping ancient secrets lost in the mists of time.  Many say they protect us and watch against all that is evil as true sacred guardians of life.

The poetic cats are torn by existential incertitude, they are sad and depressed, hurt by love, they write love letters, tear them apart, glue them back on and swear not to repeat the same mistake.

The poetic cats watch soap operas and wonder why John left Mary for Jake who is actually gay.  They watch nocturnal talk shows about missing lady lawyers and a fat fortune teller with towels wrapped around her head.  They admire the human nature in all its splendor.

The poetic cats bathe in the warm sun rays, looking upon the fuss around them with disgust and indifference.  From time to time they take a piercing look upon this disturbance.  Then, slowly, slowly, they turn back to counting their lives left.  They are not very good with math and they always make mistakes.  So they are starting again and again, over and over again.

The poetic cats are warriors and fight for what they believe in.  Nothing stands in their way.  They put their mind to something and get it done no matter the consequences.

The poetic cats drink a lot, use foul words, and whistle after other cats until they fall flat with their head in the food bowl.

In fact, the poetic cats represent the poetry in us all.

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