Images of this work by Keng Lye made the internet circuit earlier this year, but it took a while for me to come across these more simple, minimal photographs of his resin and paint sculptures, which I think are really lovely.  I am a sucker for sculptural artworks represented by a beautiful photograph, especially those that rely on perspective.  The artist uses a process similar to that of Riusuke Fukahori, who paints three-dimensional goldfish using layers of poured resin.  The last image is one of a piece by Keng Lye in progress.

From a statement by the artist found on Colossal: I started my first series in 2012 where all the illustrations were “flat” and depth was created using the layering of resin and acrylic over the different parts of the illustration. This year, I started on the octopus and it was purely an experiment; I just wanted to see whether I could push this technique to a higher level. After applying acrylic paint straight onto the resin, I incorporated a 3D element in this instance, it was a small pebble for the ranchu and octopus. For the turtle, I used an egg shell for the turtle shell and acrylic paint for the rest of the finishing. The whole idea here was to give the art work an even more 3D effect therefore you can have a better view from any angle. I think there are still many other techniques to explore.

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