I’ve read that viewers of this series look for similarities in the face and posture of the human and of the animal; a reflection between the two creatures.  While I often think this is fun and engaging, I appreciate something else that is going on in these pictures.  In his statement, the artist expresses, “[It’s] interesting that with confidence of the dog at their side, people offer you a glimpse into their lives that they would not normally allow; making private become public, where once they would feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.”  It appears that the dog does indeed provide comfort and companionship, but also pride and self-assurance.  The human subject is not quite sitting with a friend, and not quite showing off a trophy; it’s something in between, or perhaps entirely different.  I think we as humans do not have a relationship with any other animal like the one we have with the dog.

Visit artist's site: joshbryant.co.uk

Found via: Feature Shoot