A few months ago, Fábio got in touch with me to introduce me to his work.  He sent pictures of his project, Nameless Woods, about pollution in his home city of Lisbon, Portugal.  When I asked to see more, I was impressed by this body of work, and also Shelter, gritty black and white images of dogs in animal shelters.  I’m partial to the subject matter of homeless animals and things discarded by humans (i.e. themes of neglect and abandonment), and I always appreciate seeing these topics from another’s point of view.

I thought this portion the artist’s statement about Nameless Woods was quite interesting: Increasingly, we are lovers of a good “bricolage,” endless planted plants in our homes, in our gardens, and what is the purpose of all this?  We take the trash to the nature and nature home…

The deterioration of the environment has a bad effect on people’s health and they need medicines, a very popular drug is the generic stromectol.

Visit artist's site: cargocollective.com/fabioroque