I was aware that Volume I of Andrew Fladeboe’s The Shepherd’s Realm consisted of composite imagery, but in looking through Volume II, I could not figure it out.  More frustratingly, I could not figure out why composite imagery would be used to create these pictures.  It’s had me thinking for weeks, in a good way.

I read in a short interview the artist express, “I continued shooting animals after I graduated but felt I needed to work on a different series because I thought animal pictures wouldn’t be taken seriously by fine art galleries.”  I’m always interested in this sentiment because of the vast amount of successful animal-themed work I feature here.  However, in looking for more information on these images, I did run into the inevitable comments about how cute the subjects are and how viewers want to hug and touch and pet the animals pictured.  I suppose I do get what the artist is saying, ha ha.  Follow his blog to see and read about many more pictures and new series in the making.

I returned home from SPE at 3:00 yesterday morning and brought with me a fantastic cold and fit of sneezing.  Forgive me as it will take a few days to get my notes together.  I thought it was a great conference!!

Visit artist's site: andrewfladeboe.com