I really love it when I go to an artist’s site to see more of their work and find other series on a similar subject matter (read: I love being led to an artist’s site by a non-animal-related project and finding out they’re also interested in our interactions with animals and nature).  I saw The Edge Effect and thought it was just really fantastic, and then clicked through Captive Landscapes, and the deal was sealed for me.  I think all these photographs are gorgeous.

From the artist’s statement: My artistic practice is informed by the joint intersection of my work as a photographer, and my formal training in the biological and anthropological sciences. I work at the juncture of these disciplines, focusing in on capturing evidence as images that have the power to articulate our ever-changing relationship with the natural world. In both science and photography the act of collection is universal. Whether specimen or subject, the collection process allows one to categorize, control, and critically describe one’s findings, and contribute them to the collective work of others in the field. I find that this process allows me to engage my audience with contemporary social and environmental themes, ranging from the commonplace to the esoteric. As a calculated investigation, my projects document and bear witness to important social, political and ecological issues; through highlighting the beautiful and the bizarre, and retaining the precision and experimentation of the scientific perspective, I offer a vantage point on these subjects that can destabilize, challenge and provoke.

What a great statement.  Be sure to visit the artist’s website to read about each series.  I also quite like his project, Fallen.

Visit artist's site: danielkukla.com