As much as I admire artists who work on and think about a project with dedication and longevity, I also love the idea of looking back on your work and noticing something you photographed all along without realizing.  I think these snapshots of unexpected encounters with animals are indeed a “brief, deadpan field study of the uncanny moment of recognition between species,” reminding us that “we must appear as strange and exotic to them as they do to us.”

More from a statement on the artist’s website: Roaming the natural and urban world with a camera for over 16 years, often alone, on foot, keeping a low profile, Ed Panar has repeatedly been caught in the act of photography—not by other people, but by a random assortment of familiar animals: cows, cats, frogs, dogs, turtles, deer, geese… you name it.  The animal sees Ed, and Ed sees the animal; an unspoken communication passes between them.

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Found via: Feature Shoot