If you’re at all interested in the question of animal rights, ethics, and morality, you’ve probably come across the topic of animals in the food industry.  I try to follow material about humans’ level of visual experience of the food they consume, and I’ve been researching a handful of artists who explore this topic.  I was instantly fascinated by Per Johansen’s Mæt (eng. Full) pictures.  Such beautiful, gorgeously lit still life photographs; and I love that I can say that even though the subject is plastic bottles packed glutinously full of food and animal products.

From the “project info” on the artist’s site, written by Charlotte Kim Boed: Nowadays, prosperous countries and consumer society gorge on vast amounts of nutrients, where genetically engineered food, e-numbers and pesticides are utilized to promote the global and lucrative food industry sales statistics, while an increasing number of consumers have to undergo obesity surgery or get psychiatric help. What is your food consumption like? Are you full now?

Visit artist's site: enandenside.dk