Tamas Dezso’s Notes for an Epilogue and Here, Anywhere focus on the margins of society in Hungary, Romania and in other parts of Eastern Europe.  In these series, I spotted more than a few images about the animals of this region and the elements of nature that are reconquering the remains of the past.  I love the style and mood of these beautiful photographs.

From the artist’s statement about Notes for an Epilogue: Spiritual tradition and physical heritage are simultaneously disintegrating in Romania. Time is beginning to undermine centuries-old traditions preserved in tiny villages, in communities of only a few houses, as well as the bastions of the communist era’s enforced industrialisation, which became part and parcel of Romania’s recent history. Those living in the reservations of forgetting blend with nature, exhibiting a humility inherited through generations. Urged on by modernisation, they are living out their last days in evident equality of closeness to nature and, helping time, they are diligently pulling down the absurd edifices of their environment. In the manner of termites, they carry away small pieces of immense concrete constructions on the rickety carts of poverty, pick through reinforced concrete frames of former factory monsters, power stations and furnaces, dismantling monuments of formerly enforced modernisation which have corroded into a stage set.

Visit artist's site: tamas-dezso.com