Matt Eich’s photographic series, Trouble in the Water, is a straightforward, sometimes graphic look at the alligator industry throughout the state of Louisiana. The project focuses on those who make a living off the deep south’s renewable resource, despite difficult economic times, and includes imagery of egg collection, alligator farming, commercial hunting, recreational hunting, and alligator tourism. A different type of “hunting” photographs than I usually feature here, I think this series is beautiful and challenging in a unique way.

From the artist’s statement: The state of Louisiana is home to the largest alligator population in the United States, estimated to be almost 2 million. Alligators are North America’s largest reptiles and are considered a renewable resource in an industry that has thrived in America’s deep south for centuries. The first large alligator harvests occurred during the early 1800s. During the Civil War, alligator skins were used to make shoes and saddles for confederate troops. The alligator farming industry in Louisiana alone annually harvests 140,000-170,000 gators which are valued at over $12,000,000.

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