I fell in love with this series the first time I scrolled through it. Maybe it’s that it represents many approaches to image-making that I am considering in my own work right now, or maybe it’s that each image is packed with beauty, meaning, and sometimes humor. A fantastic, subtle critique of the expectations we have for our constructed versions of nature.

From the artist’s statement: Second Nature focuses on ideas of perception, representation, and interaction surrounding the natural world. This series is a catalog of the varied ways we go about [re]contextualizing the ‘natural world’ for display and public consumption. Shot with a large format camera, these images are highly processed and manipulated to embody the oversaturated, glitzy aesthetic often found in today’s media. Digital manipulation and compositing of multiple negatives is regularly used to create a “more perfect” rendering of the scene, referential to the decided “nature” it represents.

Visit artist's site: kylefordphotography.com

Found via: Tumblr