A little bit of a different feel than what I normally post, but I think these pictures by Suji Park are so dreamy and poetic. Subtle explorations of our small and intimate interactions with nature can be really beautiful and effective.

From the artist’s statement: “Eternal Green” was inspired by “The Drunken Boat,” which is Rimbaud’s narrative poem in the boat’s point of view… “Eternal Green” reflects my wish to be in an ethereal world where I could enjoy peaceful and quiet time alone. In the poem of Rimbaud, the boat voyages in tumultuous water. It witnesses many wonderful and ugly sights such as dead bodies, silver shining sun and golden birds. I would also encounter these while exploring the place—a shiny red fish and coagulations floating on lake. Surrounded by green nature, my skin feels gentle breeze and my ears hear whisperings from trees and grass. Afterwards, I decide to go deeper in this mysterious world by launching a paper boat. I follow its journey with no destinations and leave myself to waves. As the journey continues, the sinking paper boat would make me submerged in phosphorescent water; I would have views that existed only in my imagination. The deeper the boat sinks, the further I go away from the reality. At the end, my world would be as drunken as the boat.

*Posts for now are continuing to have been scheduled and feature work submitted to Muybridge’s Horse.*

Visit artist's site: cargocollective.com/sujiparkphotography