Jesse Burke’s emotive photographs of road trip explorations with his daughter depict a wide range of the complexities of humans’ relationship with nature. A bit like the work of Robin Schwartz, Wild + Precious reads like a collaboration between the artist and his daughter. The scenes and interactions photographed feel authentic, a true experience of the wild, a portrait of the curious look at nature that it seems only a child can have.

From the artist’s statement: My daughter Clover and I often embark on roadtrips to explore the natural world. On the road we talk about the [vastness] of nature and try to get more in touch with the earth. We look at and study the water and ground, the forests and beaches, the sky, the road and our rest stops, the paths we take and all of the animals we encounter. I want her to truly understand how wild and precious nature is and how we, as humans, are an [integral] part of the system.

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Found via: Feature Shoot