Lindsay Blatt is the director of the film Herd in Iceland, a documentary about the annual round-up of the Icelandic horse, isolated for centuries by the country’s oceanic borders. The film and the photo essay and accompanies it provide a beautiful look into this amazing tradition and focus on the stories of the people as well as the animals.

From the film’s synopsis: Herd in Iceland was filmed over the course of 2 years, when Lindsay Blatt traveled to Iceland to document the herders as they collected their horses across the island’s remote terrain. During the summer months, the horses live a wild existence, grazing in the highlands and raising their young. Each fall, they are rounded up by local farmers and directed across the stunning landscape. This valued tradition is a social and cultural touchstone for both the farmers who own the horses and the city dwellers who travel to the countryside to participate.
The horse holds a precious place in Icelandic culture, art and tradition; for over 1,000 years Icelandic law has prohibited the importation of horses onto the island. By telling the story of this annual journey, Herd in Iceland captures the symbolism behind the horses and the nation they represent.

Herd in Iceland has just started to air on some PBS stations around the US. Check the schedule or keep an eye out for it! View the film’s trailer here.

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