Last night, I got home from my trip to attend the regional SPE conference, where I spent some time thinking about past conferences and particularly portfolio walkthroughs. That’s when I remembered learning about the work of Brian Lesteberg through Kate Wimer, a great artist showing work alongside me at last year’s walkthrough in Lincoln. Lesteberg’s series, Raised to Hunt, explores a subject I’ve been interested in since first seeing the work of Erica Larsen years ago, hunting as a practice performed by young people, a family tradition. In the project, Lesteberg documents his own family’s annual hunt following the migratory birds that descend from Canada to central North Dakota. Of these photographs, Lesteberg says, “Exhausting and exhilarating, the time I spend with my father in the field has become a ritual as steady as the migrations… My photographs are witness to this ritual and its place in the layered order of the natural world” (source).

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