I discovered the work of Allen Maertz when perusing some of the monographic books recently published by Blue Sky Gallery, the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts. In Encyclopedia, Maertz focuses on the “political and cultural influences that construct modern perceptions of knowledge and experience.” The series, made up of nearly 150 images, is like a catalog of the various places people can visit to learn about science, history, art, and world cultures. The low-contrast/low-saturation quality of the pictures is reminiscent of the encyclopedia books that children of previous generations will remember frequenting at the library, now likely being replaced by digital and internet-based programs. Maertz also includes in the series several time-lapse videos that show wide views of museum spaces and tourist attractions in nature.

This fall, Blue Sky simultaneously published 36 books by 36 photographers that the gallery has exhibited over the last four decades. Available only online as print-on-demand publications, each monograph features a previously unpublished series of photographs seen on Blue Sky’s walls and is notably affordable, about one quarter the price of most photo books today. Encyclopedia is available as a soft cover book on the Blue Sky Books website.

Visit artist's site: allenmaertz.com

Found via: Lenscratch