I find Alex Matzke’s photographs visually striking and emotive. Her images of the Dawson County, Nebraska landscape illustrate the desolation that exists alongside the fascinating, unique beauty of the Midwest. Matzke is originally from Nebraska, currently lives in Virginia, where she is pursuing her photography studies, and spent some time in New Mexico for her undergraduate degree. Moving from my native Colorado to Baltimore for college and now living in Kansas, I see a bit of my own experience living in three very different regions reflected in Matzke’s photography, even in just her study of her home state. There is such a palpable essence to place, to the outdoors, even if they aren’t “outdoorsy.” The Midwest is a peculiar place; even when it looks and seems like there’s nothing at all happening, there’s probably something strange and noteworthy happening everywhere you go around here. I love that this is subtly captured in Matzke’s photos.

Visit artist's site: alexmatzke.com