I have never seen anything else like Tara Sellios’ artwork. When I came across her photography and accompanying sketches in 2012, I was blown away by her originality, ingenuity, attention to detail, and intense overall process. The photographs are rich, luscious, and seductive, and the large 2D works are captivating, enriching the experience of the work altogether. In her art, Sellios explores existence, death, fragility, impermanence, and carnality. Her most recent group of photographs and watercolors, Luxuria, is on view at Gallery Kayafas in Boston through June 27, 2015.

From a statement on the Gallery Kayafas websiteNot unlike 17th century Dutch still life painting, Sellios’ photographs are formal compositions of apparently sumptuous repasts – table linens smeared with fluids, strewn with crumbs left from gluttonous exchanges and lavish banquets. These large-scale watercolors and multi-paneled color photographs vibrate with realism and physical presence. Sellios seeks to represent the totality of human existence, the feel, even the smell of it. We are invited to experience the lasciviousness of the consumption of food and wine – of life passing. The imagery is beautifully unsettling and raw. We are visually satiated. Life and Death inhabit the same moment.

Visit artist's site: tarasellios.com