Nich Hance McElroy’s Great Divide is a series of candid, quiet photographs of the American outdoors. Not the glamorous, enchanting outdoors, but the plain, inelegant, ordinary places outside homes and buildings. McElroy’s images depict scenes tranquil and still, simple moments that can be easily overlooked but make contemplative, mysterious photographs. As a whole, the series suggests a vastness to the land, and the solitude that accompanies that quality, as well as boundaries and literal divisions. Of Great Divide, the artist has written, “Geologically, it defines the western and eastern watersheds of North America: water flows east toward the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and west toward the Pacific on the other. Repurposing physical geography to figurative ends raises questions about other divisions: between humans and the natural world, between subjects, and between phases in human life. Where do things end up on either side of a wedge?”

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