When I saw one of Lucas DeShazer’s mural photographs (the last in this post) in the Newspace Members’ Exhibition last month, it made an impression on me, and I looked him up online shortly after in hopes of seeing more. I was happy to see that DeShazer’s made a whole series of photographs of murals, many of which I feel like I’ve seen since I moved to Oregon last summer (he also has several other fantastic projects on his site). The pictures reminded me of how drawn I felt to the animal mural I saw on the abandoned Linn Humane Society building a few months ago. I also thought of M. Alexis Pike’s great series Claimed: Landscape.

I really feel like I see these funny animal and nature murals everywhere–maybe it’s just since discovering DeShazer’s work. Now they’re some of my favorite things to spot as I drive around exploring the Portland area.

Visit artist's site: lucasdeshazer.com