Christina Heurig is an art director, set designer, and photographer based in Germany (Berlin) and Switzerland. When she approached me about her work, I was blown away by her diverse portfolio. In addition to making photographic portraits, building miniature models for puppetry theatre and animated films, and designing sets for theatre and film, Christina makes fine art photographs that are beautifully produced. Using elements of surrealism, mystery, and fantasy, Christina “illustrate[s] and explore[s] emotional or cognitive layers of the soul.” I was really intrigued by a handful of “experiments” she had sent me, making scans of taxidermy animals. I’d never seen anything like them before. A series of the images, called Nightly Visitors, is now on her website, and I think it’s some of my favorite photography that I’ve discovered in a long time.

From the artist’s statement for Nightly VisitorsTaxidermied animals are dragged over a flatbed scanner to create grotesque creatures. Partly sinister, partly amusing, these characters recreate the feeling of a nightmarish freak show. Enjoy the ride!

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