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MH is a blog and archive featuring artists who are interested in the ways in which humans interact with and experience animals and nature.


As the legend has it, the initial “Horse in Motion” photographs by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878 were the result of a bet.  Former California governor Leland Stanford enlisted the photographer (and acquitted murderer of Mrs. Muybridge’s lover) to prove correct Stanford’s position on an old argument: whether all four of a horse’s feet were at one time off the ground while in motion.  To make a long story short, Muybridge devised a system of numerous cameras in a line, the shutter of each tripped by a thread as the horse galloped past.  His results astounded members of the art world, particularly Western painters, who had, until this moment, been representing animals in the “rocking horse posture,” with front and rear legs extended.


To me, this point in history marks the beginning of man’s use of photography to explore our curiosity regarding animal life and the natural world around us.  It is this curiosity that drives me as an art-maker, has driven countless artists for over a hundred years, and continues to drive emerging artists today.




Muybridge’s Horse is founded and authored by photography artist Emma Kisiel.  The site serves as both a regularly updated blog, showcasing established and emerging artists in photography and other media, and a comprehensive catalog of animal/nature-concerned artists’ work.


Emma studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art before completing her bachelor of fine arts with an emphasis in photography at the University of Colorado Denver in 2011.  She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, dog, and cats.


With questions, comments, suggestions, and submissions, email Emma at muybridgeshorse@gmail.com


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