Whenever I explain to someone that I can’t connect with them via various social media because I don’t have it, I jokingly call myself a dinosaur (which is so silly; I’m 24, just… slightly embarrassed). So because I’m a dinosaur, I never saw myself being one of those people that had to keep up with and adapt to the way my “brands” and “identities” and platforms change. But things shift and evolve, especially in terms of the internet, and here I am, making one more document for my internet time capsule about where I’m moving what to now.

Just as the “non-theme artist” posts didn’t have a place anymore once my old art blog became Muybridge’s Horse, I’ve begun to realize that “personal” posts don’t really have a place here, either. So aside from posts with my own images of Muybridge’s Horse-related things like exhibitions or museums I’ve been to, all posts in the “personal” category have been made private. I will no longer be making posts here detailing updates on my own artmaking in a place that I think should be devoted to the artmaking of others.

I’ve always kept a photo blog, since I was a teenager scanning all my film photos of daily life and thinking it was a perfect equivalent to digital photography (it wasn’t; I wasted hundreds of hours over the years). So from now on, you can find personal posts, meaning updates on what projects I’m working on, places that feature or exhibit my work, and photos of what I do in my… offline life, on my blog, Antlered. I even moved some of the personal posts from here to there. Feel free to follow. I have a really cute dog.