I type this post from a temporary home in Colorado, taking a break from unpacking a moving truck that brought all my belongings from Kansas. Over the next few weeks or maybe months, I’ll be between the Mountain West and the Northwest, attempting to secure a life in the Portland area. I’ll have limited access to the internet and an unpredictable schedule, so although there might be some guests posts during this time, I won’t be posting on MH regularly. Hopefully, things will be back to normal here by the fall. In the mean time, you can stay connected by following the Tumblr account I’ve set up for MH.

MH Digest will be updated twice weekly or so with images on the MH theme. There’s currently a queue of posts with a few images from each MH post over the past two and a half years. Intermixed and beyond that will be new content: reblogs of great animal/nature photography, art I see and love on the fly, a few images when a whole post of ten wouldn’t make sense on MH. There’s also a way to submit!

Even beyond this hiatus, I think the Tumblr blog will be a great digest-style companion to the site. I hope you follow along.