It was one year ago Saturday that I launched Muybridge’s Horse.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and the most surprising fact related to this anniversary is that MH has received nearly double the amount of pageloads in one year that my old “art blog” on Blogger, from which this website was born and which racked up its own surprising amount of pageloads, received in its lifetime of five years.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this kind of audience.  I used to post and write about artists’ work solely for me.  Knowing others are reading and expecting and feeling excited, and even knowing this is a site people stumble upon or are referred to from a Google search, is a humbling thing.  I have such gratitude for this feeling of purpose.  I make an effort to email each artist the day I feature them, and I have received so many wonderful emails in response.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet artists in-person and form relationships with them.  I’ve received such great messages from readers with compliments and suggestions.  I so value those.  It’s been a great year.

Working on this website is a labor of love for me.  While it is true that my desk job that has in ways allowed me the time and the freedom to search for artists and compile posts of their pictures with some of my own written thoughts, now that I am in graduate school and have entered the home stretch of planning for my wedding, I can’t deny that I feel a certain pressure to keep this going.  But as I write this morning, there are no less than 67 posts in my drafts folder, and that number seems to grow every week.  I can’t wait to share the work of these artists and continue to build up the artist index, a resource I believe in wholeheartedly.

Here I’d like to remind you that you can subscribe to this website (and hopefully see a featured image in your feed reader, an issue Dan and I have been meaning to figure out for many months, only recently semi-succeeded in doing, and intend to fix 100% soon), and also email me with your thoughts, questions, submissions, etc.  I’ll also happily mail you one of those MH postcards, or give you one in-person at SPE in Baltimore next month :)