Muybridge’s Horse has been making appearances in some great places online the past few weeks.

I did a Q&A with the PDN blog, Pulse. It’s approaching two years since the MH site launched, and the Pulse piece was a nice opportunity to think about why this endeavor is important to me and where it stands almost 150 posts later.

Kat Kiernan of Don’t Take Pictures asked me to participate in the monthly series, Rule Breakers, featuring one “rule” in photography that is seen too often, along with five photographs that violate that rule but are of exceptional quality. I chose Dara Scully and showed a few of her gorgeous black and white pictures.

I had the pleasure of being the guest judge for Feature Shoot’s recent online group exhibition of zoo photographs. It was a joy to spend time looking at all the images submitted and making the final selection. There is such a good amount of animal photography being produced today, all over the world, by many different types of photographers. Be sure to check out the post and look through the thirty-six pictures included.

Finally, keep in mind that you can submit your work or suggest an artist you think would fit in to the MH artist index by emailing me at A description of the work as well as some images (jpegs attached or a link to a portfolio website) in the initial email is just fine. I am always open to collaborations and creative projects and I love receiving friendly hellos.

These are the kind of things I would post on a Facebook page if I had one. I’ve been considering it lately, but until then, subscribe to the feed (I’m a Feedly person, myself) to see posts twice weekly.