Tatiana is someone I had class with at MICA!  I remembered some beautiful pictures she made of abandoned rural structures a few years ago and then I found a couple of images from this series, her thesis work, on the MICA Photo blog.  I’m excited to follow her new work.

From her statement: In this body of work, I focus on inconspicuous in-between moments that frequently occur in the daily life of young people when they attempt to interact with natural environment, which can be represented by as little as pets, house plants or grass on a parking lot . These key behavioral moments are reflected in the disconnect between different parts of the photograph, whether it’s the action itself, or the way it’s visually represented. By demonstrating this disconnect, I want to suggest the shift or misplacement of their relationship with a natural world…

Pets are there to represent the “wild,” which doesn’t really exist in the form of a bred Chihuahua getting spa treatments. However, people tend to think about them as a piece of wilderness and keep them at home to demonstrate that they didn’t loose a connection with nature that has been measured, tamed and conveniently delivered to a neighborhood store.

Visit artist's site: tatianagulenkina.com