I love weird circles of coincidences.  When I was visiting Kansas last May looking for a place to live, I instagrammed this pretty framed steel engraving (?) that was in a show of found objects at the Lawrence Arts Center, not thinking much more of it.  A few months later, at a talk by historian John Herron about taxidermy and representation of animals, the artist of the original painting, Monarch of the Glen (above), was mentioned.  I nudged Nathaniel and whispered to him about how weird it was.  Then, a few days ago, Dan texted me in the middle of the night (which, to be fair, is any time after 9pm for me) “Edwin Henry Landseer.”  All of this brings me to posting some images by a 19th century English painter whose works I think are so beautiful, and who I’ve somehow missed until this string of events.  Upon looking into him, I figured he must also be the artist of Found or Shepherd’s Call, but no (does anyone definitively know who created this painting?).