Dragos Alexandru’s is the story of puppy that he found abandoned in the snow.  These photographs of her were made over two years, times happy and sad, until she had to be put to sleep because of a medical condition.  I think these pictures, made with 35mm film, are painfully nostalgic.  They remind me of photos my parents made of me as a child, but also all the photographs I made of my friends, pets, and neighborhood animals, since I was a child of the ending era in which snapshots were made on point-and-shoot cameras and taken to the drugstore to have 4×6 prints made.

It’s rare that I see film photographs that look this way today (well, at least ones that aren’t of scantily clad youth).  Dragos, from Romania, states that he appreciates when a picture is simple and honest, rather than technically perfect.  I completely agree, and I think that sentiment is reflected beautifully in this project.

Visit artist's site: badlion.ro