Frances Alleblas’ charcoal and pencil drawings, prints, and watercolors depict characters of a disquieting, dreamlike world. In her work, the artist explores human existence and the relationship between the self and other. The protagonists in Alleblas’ narrative artworks, whether human or animal, are “enigmatic, elusive and seem absorbed in another world.” I find Alleblas’ drawings and paintings mysterious and affecting, and not unlike the two-dimensional work of the great Kiki Smith.

More from the artist’s statement: The drawings cannot be reduced to one literal meaning. No matter how well the different elements in each drawing can be described, the drawing as a whole cannot be captured in this way. Although the work has a definite clarity, the viewer remains uncertain and does not seem to get a clear answer. This is mainly because of the often-unexpected combinations of used images in one piece of work; fused elements that come from different origins. In a subtle way, the rational order of things is destabilized. The pleasure of surprise, that takes the work away from expectations.

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