This first group of pictures by Olivier van Hartingsveldt, Showpieces, is about pets being placed on a pedestal.  I am always interested in artists’ explorations of the ways in which we objectify animals, and I think the “perfect” way these photographs are set up and the fact that you can’t really tell if the animal is living or taxidermy do that in a way I haven’t seen before.  From the artist’s statement: The pet loses its animal status, becomes fully integrated into the environment of man and is almost part of the interior. One is proud of their pet and it must be a real showpiece.

The series following shows 86-year-old Jo Laan, who has a fascination for donkeys.  I find this group of pictures very emotional and sensitive.  The donkey and the man both seem so gentle (it reminds me, again, of my beloved grandfather’s love affair with pigeons my whole life).  I really enjoy both of these projects.

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