Sometimes I just browse the Photolucida Critical Mass Top 50.  There is always such great photographic artwork to be found there.  Sarah Cusimano Miles was in the Top 50 in 2012.  Her body of work, Solomon’s House, explores the collections repository of the Anniston Museum of Natural History in Anniston, Alabama.

From the artist’s statement: The specimens are taken from the dark storage where they reside, on shelves, in bottles, and in drawers, and bathed with light to illuminate the often disturbing and exquisite elegance of the accumulated and warehoused organisms. By portraying these objects through the tradition of the still life, the artist explores ideas of cultural decadence and beauty in stasis. In addition, these photographs are comprised of numerous single frames combined to construct high-resolution composite images. This allows for the capture and portrayal of the subject in a manner that goes beyond that which is possible through a single exposure. In this way the image exists as a double construction; once as the objects are assembled to be photographed, and again as the frames are combined to form the final image.

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Found via: Photolucida