I love this taxidermy jewelry art by Märta Mattsson.  I am particularly fond of the cicada necklaces and brooches (are you, too, gearing up for cicada season?  Personally, I love being whacked in the head by giant flying bugs).

From the artist’s statement: In the 18th century many new breeds of animals and plants were discovered and it was the main era of cabinets of curiosities. People collected rarities because it gave them the feeling of being in the presence of something extraordinary and [marvelous]. The cabinets of curiosities were not meant to sympathize with the creatures on display, only marvel over their oddity. In a world where not many new and exotic breeds are discovered I use dead creatures in my pieces to evoke wonder. The creatures are transformed and reborn; given a new life as objects of astonishment.

*Normal posts resume next week; I’m back from Italy this evening.*

Visit artist's site: martamattsson.com