Some photography I love that I don’t see too much of is the kind that exposes all the ways that humans incorporate animal imagery in everyday life.  It’s everywhere!  It’s unavoidable!  And yet I find that if I don’t consciously look for it when I’m out in the world, it blends in.  And that’s probably what it’s meant to do.

From the artist’s statement, found on urbanautica: For many years now… I have been engaged in what I call an “Urban Safari,” “hunting” for and “shooting” the incredible diversity of animals that appear in the urban environments of our world.   However, the peculiar nature of my hunt is that my photographic prey are never wild, never alive and never real — and never have been. Rather I choose to pursue only the myriad forms of “inanimate” animals of every real and fantastic species that exist only through obsessive [man-made] reproductions (in advertising, street art, public sculpture, decoration, etc.) and yet profusely populate our world — frequently interacting in strange and  whimsical ways with unsuspecting humans and surroundings.  The simple presence of these “animals,” even in the often cold urban landscape,  ultimately reflects a deep respect and appreciation for our mutuality with nature.

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Found via: urbanautica