When I began compiling images for this post, I intended to show pictures from two different series by Linda Kuo.  After wrestling with it, coming back to give it more thought again and again over a couple of hours, I honestly think this work is too strong to share with another project.  Actually, it was difficult to narrow it down to ten images for this post!  Each individual picture is so beautiful and tells a story.

According to the artist’s statement, “Displaced is a look at the efforts of the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine located in NYC as they tend to… animals [that have been] illegally imported into the United States as exotic pets.”  The artist also writes, “Every year, an estimated 300 million animals are illegally imported into the United States as exotic pets.  Most of these exotic animals retain their natural instincts, behaviors, and dietary attributes–even those [captively] bred remain wild.”

And I will share Linda Kuo’s other project that I love, Hit and Run, in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.  Until then, see it on her website!

Visit artist's site: kuophoto.com

Found via: Feature Shoot