I didn’t make it to the national SPE conference in Chicago this year, but here in Kansas I still got something really awesome out of it.  I got an email shortly after the conference from Jordana Dale, who had met and been told to contact me by my wonderful friend, Dan Orr (thanks, Dan!).  I was immediately really attracted to her work.  I love the minimalistic setups and gorgeous light in this first series.

And then, a few months later, Jordana surprised me with an email of another great group of pictures!  Beautiful black and white large format photographs.  I was telling her that I really like the way she controlled her models, how they are soft and contemplative, as taxidermy mounts typically are.  I like the comparison between the human and the animal, the intense stares into the distance or glorified poses that we usually see taxidermy animals in.  Like the once-living animal is represented by this living human, but now it can’t quite compare.

Visit artist's site: jordanadale.com