I’ve long been a fan of Ernest Goh’s studio photography of animals, as well as his poignant series Pet Owners of Laos, so I am not surprised I thoroughly enjoy his new body of work, Breakfast at 8 Jungle at 9. The series, titled after the text from an 1854 letter written by naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace detailing his daily schedule, features repeated elements of insect, bird, and mammal specimens, not unlike those collected by Wallace over a century ago. Each kaleidoscopic piece is brilliantly bright and colorful, an interesting juxtaposition considering the dead animal subject matter. When looking at the images in Breakfast at 8 Jungle at 9, I find myself thinking of the cycle of life, the patterns that occur in nature, and the ways scientific and visual practices collide to create truly stunning art.


Visit artist's site: ernestgoh.com