I’ve had this work bookmarked for a while, and every Monday and Thursday when I post here, I keep coming back to it.  I’ve had a hard time articulating why.  I love the colors.  I love pictures that show how we appropriate animals/animal imagery, and also pictures that poke fun of the ways we experience nature in a contemporary (and urban) society.  They’re funny and sometimes sad.  I appreciate that their message is usually subtle but strong.  But I also feel like I get totally sucked into these images… like, is it wrong that I’d actually like to swim in a pool on the roof of a skyscraper?  These pictures make me feel some conflicting emotions.

From a statement on the artist’s website: My photos describe the constructed environment of the modern city dweller. I am fascinated by how we as a society create a surreal habitat that we… perceive as “natural.” My photography is looking for constructions and creations which are reflections of the people, dreams and aspirations… our need for a unique experience of nature in an urban area and the desire for rest and relaxation we seek in a designed, alienated world.

Visit artist's site: beatricejansen.com

Found via: urbanautica