The first snow where I live is eminent tonight, so I’m enjoying looking at these soft, snowy pictures by Andrea Buzzichelli this morning.  Another artist recommended I look at this series, and when I did, the pictures reminded me a bit of Aled Lewis‘.  I always think photographs that play with scale and perspective are fun, but there’s also something really sad about these photos to me.  I think of animals where they’re not supposed to be, trying to get their families to safety.  The animals seem displaced and lonely.

From the artist’s statement: The human eye is not capable of taking in an objective reality.  It does not see things as they are, for it is subject to the will of a thinking being and to that being’s emotional state.  For this reason, every human view of the world is only partial and is in some way skewed.  I utilize photography in an effort to go beyond, or at least involve the “deluded” viewer in an attempt to arrive at a single reality.  It is a sort of game of comparison with a truth which is not necessarily deeper, but certainly “other.”  There is always something which escapes one’s view and our sense of certainty decreases the longer we fix our gaze; we are amazed as an almost entire parallel world becomes manifest.  The choice is ours whether to consider it imaginary, or, on the contrary, to hold it as all the more real.  “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anais Nin

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