When Cheryle St. Onge approached me about featuring her work, I was surprised to have not seen it before.  A 2009 Guggenheim Fellow, Cheryle makes large format photographs about science, observation, and knowledge.  Her pictures express the states of learning, looking, and wondering.  Of her work, she writes, “When my children find a frog, put it in a mayonnaise bottle and stare, I was reminded that I am still in awe of our natural environment, and in love with the limitless scrutiny that is possible though a photograph.  Our wonder at what has been collected and contained in that jar, box, or bag.  The collection and process are still part science and part magic.”  I quite like these photographs’ examination of the intersection of our fascination with science and a childlike curiosity of nature; it’s something I have been thinking about it my own work lately.

Visit artist's site: cherylestonge.com