I met Amanda Breitbach, currently a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, during the portfolio walkthrough at the MWSPE conference last fall and her photographs instantly stood out to me.  Somewhat graphic images of roadkill animals might stick out to most people, but I was particularly taken with the intimate, delicate qualities of Amanda’s Polaroid lifts and transfers (I, personally, loved making photographs this way during a class in college because, come on, when a  process itself has a name like “lift” or “transfer,” you can make some pretty interesting pieces of art).  I think the medium adds to the subject in a way I hadn’t seen before.

I also appreciate the meaning surrounding the series’ title, which Amanda discusses in her statement: I began shooting the “Offerings” series when I happened upon the carcass of a coyote killed on the highway.  As an object, it was immensely powerful to me, eloquently speaking of the sudden, everyday tragedy of death and also of the modern disconnect between most people and the natural world that surrounds them.  I [titled] the series “Offerings,” to communicate both my gratitude at having found these images and my attitude in sharing them.

Visit artist's site: amandabreitbach.com