Last year, I posted Dillon Marsh’s pictures cataloging telephone poles that have been taken over and transformed by massive birds’ nests in the Kalahari Desert. Similar in style is another of Marsh’s projects, Invasive Species. In this series, Marsh photographs some of the cell phone towers disguised as trees that exist in Cape Town, South Africa. Bizarre and humorous to see in person, the ridiculous fake trees are even more laughable in a whole collection. They are isolated and centered in square compositions, drawing even more attention to the fact that they obviously don’t fit in in the natural landscape.

From the artist’s statement: In 1996 a palm tree appeared almost overnight in a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. This was supposedly one of the world’s first ever disguised cell phone tower. Since then these trees have spread across the city, the country and the rest of the world. “Invasive Species” explores the relationship between the environment and the disguised towers of Cape Town and its surrounds.

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