When Elena emailed me a few months ago about her up-close, abstract study of the equine, I was quite interested in her photographs and spent a long while looking at them.  The images have a great plastic camera quality to them and make me think of someone trying to describe a dream they had of horses.  The pictures transform the animal; it looks so different from how one normally imagines it.  I actually had a hard time deciphering what I was looking at in many of the photographs, often thinking at first it was a landscape or a girl or a doll (that braid of blond hair and bright blue eye are fantastic, no?), or just mixing up what part of a horse I was seeing.

Elena is also responsible for the new project dedicated to advertising and promoting equine artists, EQartmagazine.  The aim of the venture is to bring together equestrian-based artists in a collaborative online catalog.  Be sure to check it out if you’re interested.

From the artist’s statement: CLOSER is an artistic, almost architectural exploration of the equine form in intimate moments that only those who have a close tie to horses can usually experience. For most, the equine is a large, fascinating yet frightening creature, usually seen at a distance. For those on the inside, they become something more, a living, breathing being unlike any other domesticated animal. Inquisitive, curious, and hopeful as a dog, yet the loyalty of an equine cannot so easily be sought. A flight animal, they are often anxious and focused on self-preservation, and because of this, gaining the trust of an equine is the most beautiful and organic thing one can experience. To be able to get so close to such a immense, living being and photograph them in such a way is truly a reverential experience.

Visit artist's site: elenaburnhamphotography.com