Elisa Noguera Lopez is a London artist whose photographs feature objects and living things, stripped of instrumentality, functionality, and identity. These objects sometimes include animals, amorphous rodents obscured from behind and chickens with their heads cut off, so to speak, the choice of textiles in the background standing in for nature. I love the bizarre, off-putting qualities of the photographs, which remind me in varying ways of Elizabeth Rose Eiten, Kimberly Witham, Luke Stephenson, Arne Svenson, and Claire Rosen.

From the artist’s statement: I am interested in the relationship between looking and touching, surface, shapes materials and gestures. The softness of the animals, the heavy weight of the fabric and the geometry of the forms create a horizontal movement towards a new ‘sensorial thing’ with it’s own humorist vitality. I work with the photographic because of its ability to create images which contain multiple disjunctive narratives. It is this quality that makes photographs easy to look and yet difficult to understand.

*Posts for now are continuing to have been scheduled and feature work submitted to Muybridge’s Horse.*

Visit artist's site: enl.cc