Lee Deigaard’s infrared photography shows a side of animals rarely seen. The images portray the off-putting, intense moments when animals see and are seen by, or perhaps sense and are sensed by, the artist and her camera. The series feels like a glimpse into animals’ lives when no one is watching, like confrontations upon realizing you are not alone.

From the artist’s statement: I use the same infrared gadgetry used by hunters. When the animals know me, I wield the camera handheld and shoot blindly, without the aid of crosshairs, a proprioceptive choreography in the dark. With wild animals, I keep my distance. I learn only what they choose to announce. They’ve grown familiar with the camera. Privacy. Incursions. There is no informed consent. Woman with a camera. Hunter with a gun. Something is taken. I spend time among the trees for the peace and quiet. My blunter senses build me a bubble. The animals around me hold their breath. However benign, I impinge.

Visit artist's site: leedeigaard.com

Found via: Lenscratch