Miranda Brandon’s series, Impact, features birds who met untimely deaths due to collisions with built structures. Photographed in a studio setup, the birds’ fantastic and fatal crashes are evident, and the images are heartbreaking. Printed over five feet tall, the pictures are affronting and powerful, causing the viewer to pause and consider the seemingly small but obviously significant ways our lifestyle affects other creatures.

Brandon is also responsible for the unique, tongue-in-cheek, and educational project, DIY Bird Populator. The artist creates paper cutouts of birds and urges viewers to “create your own population of your favorite bird wherever and whenever you like. Simply extract bird and attachment tab, fold tab, secure in place with a thumbtack in desired location, then photograph and share… Large selection of common, exotic, endangered, and extinct birds available!” Brandon photographs scenes filled with her bird placements, creating bizarre and unfortunately unrealistic pictures of birds in the wild.

Visit artist's site: mirandabrandon.com